Literature Submissions

There is a limit of 5 pieces per person, and each individual piece may reach a maximum of 1500 words. Submit all works of literature as Microsoft Word email attachments to

Art Submissions

There is no limit to the number of pieces you may submit. Artwork may be emailed as a high-resolution image file (300+ dpi) to If you do not have a scanned copy and would like assistance in scanning, email us--we're happy to help.

Photography Submissions

Thre is no limit to the number of pieces you may submit. Photography may be emailed--in full resolution--to If the file size is too large, feel free to attach it as a google drive file (that option should come up automatically). 

Selection Committees

Everyone is invited to be a part of the selection committees, even if you have submitted work. The more attendees, the better the dialogue, the better the issue of The Juggler! In gratitude, selection committee members' names will be included in the magazine acknowledging your help. Please contact if interested in participating.