Univ of Notre Dame Dome on the Main Building in the fall

The Juggler is the second oldest publication at Notre Dame, and has been publishing student literary works and art design since 1919.  The Juggler is published semiannually, in the winter and spring, and both issues frequently win awards at the annual Indiana Collegiate Press Association convention.

The Juggler provides opportunities for students to participate in the creation of a college publication that represents their student body. Each semester, The Juggler showcases the remarkable works of art and literature from talented students, making them available to the Notre Dame community.

Past copies of The Juggler are kept in the Hesburgh Library, and recently published editions can be found at various drop-off points around campus, including both dining halls and LaFortune Student Center.

If you are interested in joining The Juggler staff, please e-mail juggler@nd.edu with your area of interest.

If you are interested in submitting to The Juggler, visit our guidelines page for more information, as well the deadline for our upcoming issue.

For the date and location of our next meeting, visit the news page.