escaping the labyrinth by molly shank

Cinder-blocked walls grumbling all around

The vibrations are not caused by thunder

As you first thought

Even god can’t bowl that much


Sediment raining down from the popcorn grey canopy

Don’t breath now—

The ash is entering your blood

Platelets comprised or tar, breeding cancer for later

Like tea sandwiches, just large enough to fit in your pocket.


The last vestments of normalcy crumbling away

People run in, run out, run through you

Like the least helpful person in an emergency

Coat and tie doesn’t always signal professional


They— no one saw this coming

Except for about 1400 Polaroid’s

Their film freeze framing


It’s lying all over the street.

The rain and fire hoses will drain it away

To the tunnels where those people live.