what doyle once said when the sun rose by tommasina domel

Most people believe that it is the middle of the night, the darkest moment, when the burden of loneliness is heaviest and hardest to carry. But truly the night is not so unfriendly to those who have a light within. The hours of darkness may as well be one instant, whole and certain, and the dark becomes the cloak which covers the soul that feels naked in the day, the souls that are both fragile and strong, those who despair for protection from that hollow and unnatural thing which we call reality.

No, it is the dawn that wears heaviest to those who witness it alone. For it is then that it becomes intensely clear that time has passed and is still passing and is always and forever passing, that another day will soon demand you, and a day after that and again after that, with no promise of change, no promise of a dawn that is true, the same endurance being continuously tried, peaking and falling as sure the sun rises and sets. And rises again.